Exhibition Stand Branding

A strong brand is key to standing out at an exhibition. What sets you apart from everyone else? Why should people choose your product or service? Conveying this information quickly and effectively through powerful exhibition stand branding could be the difference between a busy stand and an empty one.

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Exhibition Stand Contractors For The Low Carbon Agriculture Show

Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Why branded exhibition stands are important

When it comes to selling a product or service, a powerful message is key to success. A branded exhibition stand will not only help to build awareness of what you have to offer, it will also enforce consistency across your entire presence, reinforcing that you are an expert within your specific industry.

Why choose RDW for your branded exhibition stands?

As professional exhibition stand contractors that have been working within the industry for over 40 years, we are dedicated to providing you with an event set-up you can be proud of. Our team will work with you throughout the process, ensuring things are steering in the right direction and that the finished set-up aligns with your brand.

To achieve this, we will emphasise your brand across your entire stand. Using high quality and eye-catching graphics, our team will create a display which distinguishes your brand from others within the venue. To truly understand you and your business, we will consult your brand guidelines throughout the design process, using your logo and strapline, together with your colour palette for key messages.

Our exhibition stands

Branded exhibition stands can be displayed in numerous ways. Different events call for different setups, and we can accommodate, whatever your requirements.

Modular exhibition stands

As our branded modular exhibition stands can be reconfigured in multiple ways for different events, no two need ever look the same again. But don’t worry – whilst the setup can change, our experts will ensure your brand remains consistent and recognisable at all times. These are a great choice whether it’s your first exhibition or your twenty-first.

Custom exhibition stands

Our most purpose-built solution that is specifically tailored to your brand. These custom exhibition stands can truly be called your own as the possibilities are endless. However you wish to convey your brand’s messaging, we can create a display that is unique and offers complete flexibility in terms of design.

Outdoor exhibition stands

For those events held in the great outdoors, we can supply durable yet attractive solutions that will take whatever the weather throws at them. Maximise your brand’s visibility across a larger area with accessories that will reinforce your messaging. For instance, have you considered customised banners, parasols, flags or outdoor gantry, each of which would be unique to your brand?

Sustainable exhibition stands

When designing with sustainability in mind, our team cleverly creates a display that uses your brand seamlessly and consistently across multiple panels. These panels can then be reused and reconfigured time and time again, across different venues and events. Staying eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise your brand’s messaging.

If your brand is strong across your exhibition stand, so are your chances of attracting a larger crowd. Contact our team of experts to discover more about our branded exhibition stands.

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