Shell Scheme

Shell scheme exhibition stands

RDW shell scheme systems include a lightweight panel system (Marler Haley Multiscreen) offering greater flexibility of design with reduced build times. Additionally, the heavyweight system (Marler Haley GearEdge) provides a more prestigious feel to your event.

Available with a standard green or blue loop nylon covering, graphics or product can be Velcroed to the surface easily or we can customise the finish for that extra added impact. Our heavyweight system also offers much greater soundproofing than standard shell scheme systems from other suppliers, which can be crucial for some events where several seminars can be taking place at one time.

Our quality products are backed up by a free planning service, giving you access to our highly experienced staff. We can assist you in optimising the floor area of your venue using laser measuring equipment and the 3D CAD systems, creating accurate scale plans that can be altered in line with your changing requirements.


Our lightweight modular panel system offers a smart shell scheme solution for those wanting something a bit different. Panels are covered in Velcro-friendly fabric which is both practical and attractive. An open appearance is gained by not having to use ceiling grids or fascia beams for stability – a feature which also results in shorter build times compared with other systems.

Lockable cupboard units can be built into the walls to provide secure storage, and ported counters can be added for laptops or other electrical items.

A choice of lighting systems can be added, and the entire system can be colour coded to give a customised feel, or to differentiate between areas. This system is also available in a choice of heights, giving even more flexibility where the venue’s ceiling height is restricted.

Whilst this system is ideal for budget applications, it is inherently scalable, and therefore suitable for all applications, large or small.


RDW’s heavyweight modular panel system provides a solid, substantial wall suitable for all prestige shell scheme requirements, where its superior appearance and enhanced sound-deadening qualities set it apart.

Standard panels are 2.4m high and offer the possibility for large seamless graphics. All panels have a Velcro-friendly fabric covering in a choice of colours.

Fascia beams are optional and, dependent on the configuration of panels, are not a structural necessity as with other systems. Similarly, ceiling grids are not required, giving a more open appearance, making best use of background lighting and resulting in faster build times.

Shell scheme exhibition stands