Sustainable Exhibition Stands

At RDW, we truly believe that sustainability should be at the heart of exhibitions.

Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Why Choose A Sustainable Exhibition Stand?

As part of our commitment to improving our carbon footprint, we are taking steps to help you improve yours with our sustainable exhibition stands. 

Our eco-friendly exhibition stands can be reconfigured and reused at every exhibition you attend, acting as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

The Benefits

  • It is an extremely eco-friendly solution as these stands can be reused again and again
  • Cost-effective – the systems are available for hire so there is no large initial investment to purchase a stand. Stands can be reconfigured using stock panels, so there is no need to make custom panels each time or worry about storage costs. 
  • Using our modular systems, your stand will be versatile and compact. It can be transported as ‘flat pack’ reducing the space required in comparison to custom made stands  
  • Producing graphics with longevity in mind allows you to reuse graphics, saving on cost, as well as the need for using additional materials. 
  • A maximum impact is made using a minimum budget whilst being kinder to the environment
  • No two stands need look the same as our reusable systems can be reconfigured differently every time
  • Our reusable modular systems can eliminate the use of raw materials every time you exhibit

Our Storage

We offer free storage of all your stand graphics so you don’t need to worry about transporting them to and from events or storing them between exhibitions. 

Should you choose to purchase a reusable exhibition stand from us, we can offer safe, secure storage of your graphics for extra peace of mind. All elements will be stored together, making it easily retrievable for when it’s needed and we will take care of the packaging and logistics.

How RDW Can Help You

There are many other ways to create a more eco-friendly exhibition stand – have you considered going paper-free? Can you remove single-use plastics? Are you giving out sustainable freebies?

Our team has been creating exhibition stands since 1980 and we are always happy to discuss the ways in which you can promote your business to customers, stand apart from the competition, whilst being environmentally conscious at the same time.

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