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Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Exhibition stand contractor in Leicester

In over 40 years of business, RDW has designed, built and manufactured exhibition stands for hundreds of brands, originating from various backgrounds. Based in Shropshire, we have worked at events all across the country and are extremely familiar with the layouts and protocols of numerous venues, including those in Leicester.

Exhibition stand design services in Leicester

Wondering what options are available to you? Here are the exhibition stand solutions we offer at RDW.

Modular exhibition stands

Our modular exhibition stands are a great choice, whether you are new to the world of exhibiting, or you attend events multiple times a year. They are a versatile and cost-effective solution as, with just a few small changes to the standard sized panels, you can create a completely new look for each event you attend.

Custom exhibition stands

We are experts at creating something truly unique to showcase a brand’s product or service. So if you have a particular idea in mind, have a chat with our team – we love nothing more than turning an idea into reality. And rest assured you won’t see the same thing anywhere else as our custom exhibition stands are designed to your particular specifications.

Exhibition Stand Contractors In The Midlands

Outdoor exhibition stands

With an outdoor exhibition stand from RDW, you don’t need to worry about the weather. Each one is durable and will remain attractive throughout your event. We can even create separate spaces for various needs – such as a catering area, for example. And why not take advantage of the freedom that comes with exhibiting outdoors by adding extra features such as branded flags or banners?

Sustainable exhibition stands

If, like many brands, you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, we have the perfect solution. Our sustainable exhibition stands can be reconfigured and reused at multiple events with just a few small changes to the panels. For a fraction of the cost, you will have a new look at each event, whilst taking a greener approach to exhibiting.

For an eye-catching exhibition stand at your upcoming event in Leicester, get in contact with our team today.

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