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Are you looking for a high quality exhibition stand for an upcoming event in Hereford? Our expert team can help.

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Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Exhibition stand contractor in Hereford

For over 40 years, RDW have worked at venues all across the country – and around the world – helping brands to showcase their products or services, stand out amongst busy crowds and set themselves apart from their competitors. Based in Shropshire, we are centrally located and perfectly placed to design, build and manufacture an exhibition stand for your upcoming event in Hereford.

Exhibition stand design services in Hereford

Every brand is different, which is why we offer a range of exhibition stand solutions to suit various needs.

Exhibition stand design for B Jenkinson & Sons

Modular exhibition stands

If you’re after something you can use time and time again, our modular exhibition stands are the perfect choice. Each one consists of a set of standard sized panels which can be reconfigured to create different looks. That means you can freshen things up at each event you attend for just a fraction of the cost.

Custom exhibition stands

Do you have a particular idea in mind? Something you’re sure will attract the crowds and showcase your product or service in the best way possible? We can help turn your idea into reality with our custom exhibition stands. However quirky your idea, don’t be afraid to try us – we love a challenge so give our team a call.

Exhibition stand design for William Powell

Outdoor exhibition stands

With the ever-changing nature of the great British weather, exhibiting outdoors might seem like a cause for concern. But with an outdoor exhibition stand from RDW, you don’t need to worry. Each of our stands is designed to remain attractive, whatever the weather throws at it. There is also much more room to be creative when it comes to outdoor events.

Sustainable exhibition stands

For a greener approach to exhibiting, why not choose our sustainable exhibition stands? Not only are they a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint, but they are also cost-effective. You only need to make a few small changes to the panels in order to create a completely different look for each event you attend.

Exhibition stand design for The Pallet Network

For an eye-catching exhibition stand at your upcoming event in Hereford, get in contact with our team today.

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