Exhibition Stands Cardiff

For your upcoming event in Cardiff, make sure you have an exhibition setup that stands out from the crowd.

Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Need help with your exhibition stand?

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Exhibition stand contractor in Cardiff

RDW Exhibitions have been working within the industry for over 40 years. We have a team of highly skilled individuals who are experts at supplying a range of exhibition solutions to suit the needs of our customers from a wide variety of industries. Reliable and professional, we are always devising new and innovative ways for our customers’ exhibition setups to stand apart from the competition.

Cardiff exhibition stand venues

  • Principality Stadium
  • Motorpoint Arena

Exhibition stand design services in Cardiff

As every brand wants to showcase their products or services differently, we offer a range of exhibition solutions to suit various requirements.

Modular exhibition stands

Versatile, reusable and eco-friendly, our modular exhibition stands are the ideal solution, whether you’ve been exhibiting for years or you’re new to the industry. Consisting of a set of different sized panels, every time this stand is built, it can be reconfigured in a different way, making it a flexible solution that refreshes your look at every event.

Custom exhibition stands

Over the years, our customers have envisioned some amazing ideas for their exhibition stands, and we have been only too happy to turn these into reality. Every single aspect of a custom exhibition stand is built to the customer’s particular specifications and needs, meaning the final results truly packs a punch amongst a busy venue and helps attract visitors to your stand.

Outdoor exhibition stands

With many events taking place in the great outdoors, it is essential you have a stand that won’t let you down. All of our outdoor exhibition stands are designed to remain durable and attractive throughout the event, whilst successfully conveying your brand’s message to an audience across a larger area.

Sustainable exhibition stands

It has never been more important for brands to think about their own impact on the environment – and this is just as applicable when it comes to exhibiting. One of our solutions is sustainable exhibition stands which can be reused and reconfigured at various events. Not only is this better for the environment, it’s also easier on the company budget.

Contact RDW Exhibitions today and let’s discuss exhibition stand ideas for your next event in Cardiff.

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