Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Our custom built exhibition stands and displays are totally customised to your needs, your branding, your business.

Bespoke exhibition stands give that 'wow' factor with larger seamless areas, graphics, custom covering, bespoke shapes and more.

Well designed custom built stands can be reconfigured to suit different size spaces and venues if required, simply discuss this with your RDW Account Manager from the outset and we will take care of the rest.

Why choose a custom built exhibition stand?

Custom Modular Exhibition Stand for Volac
Custom built displays

Completely customised to your exhibiting needs

Custom build stands don't have to break the bank or mean you have to sacrifice versatility.

A well designed bespoke exhibition stand will have considered all these aspects in the design process allowing total flexibility according to your needs in future.

Don't be afraid to ask what we can create. Our highly skilled exhibition stand designers, stand technicians and builders can manufacture all manner of display stands and displays. It all starts with an idea!

Custom Exhibition Stand for HEFF
Part of a larger custom built stand at the NEC

Buy and own your exhibition stand

The majority of our custom built exhibition stands are provided on a sale basis. Although the initial outlay may be higher than with modular exhibition stands if you exhibit at numerous venues and events the bespoke stand could soon pay for itself!

Each time the stand is used we check the stand prior to the event, deliver and set-up at the venue and dismantle and remove at the close of the show. The custom built stand is then safely transported back to our storage facilities and cleaned and put away for the next time.

If you have your own storage facilities we will also deliver stands back to your premises for storage after the first event. The choice is entirely yours!

Custom built stand for framos
Custom Build Stand for Framos

Exhibition Stand Storage in the UK

Our large warehouse facilities at our second site mean we are capable of storing your exhibition stands, both before and after each event.

We can also store other items associated with your stand such as exhibition furniture, literature, giveaways and more - isn't life simple when everything is together. We will provide an inventory of your stand which is updated every time the stand is out, modified or items removed.

If you are interested in our exhibition stand storage facility then please contact us to discuss further.

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