Flexible, Reusable & Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

Over the years as exhibition stand contractors, we have delivered various solutions to suit our customers’ exhibiting needs, be it fully bespoke, custom build stands, or quick-to-build shell scheme displays.

But for customers who attend multiple events, purchasing different stands to suit different exhibitions simply isn’t feasible – nor is it any good on the purse strings. 

For a flexible, reusable and reconfigurable exhibition solution, there’s only one answer; modular exhibition stands. And here’s why…

Flexible exhibition stands

The ability to be flexible with your exhibition stand setup is key to achieving a unique look for your business, whilst remaining cost effective. 

Using a selection of standard sized panels, our modular exhibition stands are a sustainable and low-cost way of promoting your business at any event. And because of the varying ways in which these stands can be set up, no two versions need ever look the same, allowing you to be flexible wherever or whenever you are exhibiting.

We have a number of customers who use their modular exhibition graphics both for indoor and outdoor shows. To customise them for an outdoor set-up, we erect walling and graphics inside a marquee with additional outdoor branding. This gives our customers the flexibility to exhibit to their target audience from anywhere within the venue – and it means there’s no need to worry about what the weather may bring!

Flexible, Reusable & Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

Reusable exhibition stands

“Sustainability” is a word that’s on everyone’s lips and, at RDW, we are no exception. We are passionate about providing exhibition solutions that help reduce waste, improve our carbon footprint and that are much kinder to our environment. 

Our modular exhibition stands are the perfect way to achieve this. They can be reused time and time again, delivering a maximum impact on a minimum budget and eliminating the use of raw materials every time you exhibit. 

So choose to reuse – the environment and your bank balance will thank you for it!

Looking for other ways to help make your exhibiting greener? Take a look at these tips for eco-friendly exhibiting.

Flexible, Reusable & Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

Reconfigurable exhibition stands

The very nature of a modular exhibition stand means it can be reconfigured in many ways, meaning one stand can be changed across multiple shows.

This also means that the possibilities really are endless. The easy-to-reconfigure panels can suit varying stand sizes at different shows and venues, making them the perfect solution, particularly if your business exhibits on a regular basis and you wish to mix-up your look every time.

We have many clients who store graphics with us and we reuse them at multiple events, reconfiguring the stand layouts for each event to suit different stand sizes and orientations.

Flexible, Reusable & Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

Have you got an event coming up? Think smart and ensure your exhibition stand is flexible, reusable and reconfigurable. Give us a call today and let’s have a chat about your unique business needs.

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Want to know how your custom exhibition stand will look from the get-go? We use 3D CAD software to provide you with a working visual of your display before a panel has even been lifted.

Don’t be afraid to ask what we can create. It all starts with an idea.

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