Stand of the Week

Each week we nominate one of our stands to be our ‘Stand of the Week’, this week it is…

Suunto's Custom Built Exhibition Stand

Why we love it…

At 135m squared, this stand was a big one so we had to ensure we made the most of the space! The stand was divided into three different product areas with an enclosed VIP section. This allowed the different products to really stand out and gave them plenty of space for product display. With bright and engaging graphics contrasting with the red carpet this stand really stood out in the hall. The large fabric graphics give the stand a polished finish, with varying wall heights ranging from 2.5m to 4m.

Key Features:

  • Large fabric graphics
  • LED lighting
  • Product Display
  • 2.5m & 4m high walling
  • TV & furniture
  • Concealed VIP area
  • Custom Exhibition Stand
  • Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibitions Stand Contractor UK

Want to know how your custom exhibition stand will look from the get-go? We use 3D CAD software to provide you with a working visual of your display before a panel has even been lifted.

Don’t be afraid to ask what we can create. It all starts with an idea.

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