The Magical Wizardry Of Computer Aided Design In Exhibition Stand Design

Technology is fantastic, especially when it makes our lives easier. At RDW Exhibitions, we use the latest CAD software to produce technically-accurate exhibition stand drawings for our manufacture and build team, and to produce lifelike images for our clients.

All good exhibition stand contractors will provide a CAD service to clients. We’ve discussed some of the benefits below, so ensure you use a reputable, professional exhibition stand design company who can provide this service for you, preferably at no extra cost.

Lifelike visuals

It can be hard to visualise a finished stand from flat drawings or seeing small elements individually. We provide 3D visuals for new exhibition stand designs which show the entire stand from floor to ceiling. Specific carpet colours, graphic elements, bespoke displays and more can be easily seen in the context of the overall stand design.

Graphic approval

If you want to try a different look for you stand but you’re not sure if it will work, a lifelike CAD exhibition stand visual can help. Once the stand structure is approved, multiple views can be rendered in our CAD software using different graphic panels each time. You can supply your own stand ready graphics, or our talented design team can create eye-catching graphics for you. Then these multiple views can be compared and approved as required.

Sign off from colleagues

It’s often hard to sell an idea to a colleague, partner or committee when the concept is in 2D or mainly in your mind. CAD visuals provide a vital aid in promoting an exhibition stand concept to other team members within the company. If you need approval on budget, design or any other aspect, it’s much easier to understand and approve a design when a person can actually see the finished stand.

Plan submission to event organisers

Every exhibition you attend requires a certain amount of paperwork for the organisers. CAD drawings from RDW Exhibitions produce technically-accurate plans which can be submitted to event organisers for such things as health and safety, electricity plans, service points and more.

Complex projects

If your exhibition stand is particularly large, complex or unusual, then our clever CAD technicians can even create 3D walk-throughs of your proposed exhibition stand. A visual walk-through of your stand can highlight any aspects for concern, such as flow of people, height of graphics, space allocated for demonstrations and much more. Perhaps you are selling space within your stand to partner companies or suppliers? Make the sales process easier with impressive visuals that promote how good the final stand design will look.

RDW Exhibitions provide a free exhibition stand design service to clients which includes the production of 3D stand visuals. We know a little peace of mind can go a long way in a busy schedule.

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Want to know how your custom exhibition stand will look from the get-go? We use 3D CAD software to provide you with a working visual of your display before a panel has even been lifted.

Don’t be afraid to ask what we can create. It all starts with an idea.

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