Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition systems are incredibly versatile – they are designed to be used in differing sizes, configurations, colours and finishes. Ultimately, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to utilising the full potential of a modular exhibition stand.

Modular systems are made up of set panel sizes, for example, Marler Haley Multiscreen consists of 16 basic panel sizes. These panels can often be covered in a bespoke finish to create extra impact.

We’ve discussed some options below but why not give our stand designers a call and pick their brains for inspiration and ideas!

Loop Nylon covered panels

Velcro friendly fabric, such as loop nylon, makes a great covering for display kits, counters and exhibition stand walling. It’s durable, low cost and available in a vast range of colours. If you’re looking to purchase a modular system to create anything from small display kits or plinths to a full exhibition stand system, loop nylon can be chosen to match your corporate colours or simply act as a neutral backing to attach your own graphics using Velcro. 

Vinyl/PVC covered panels

Vinyl and PVC coverings create a slick, slightly glossy look to your exhibition panels. There is a large range of standard vinyl colours available including metallics and printed vinyl can also be used to get exact colour matching if required (although this option is slightly more expensive!).  The down side to using vinyls are that you cannot use Velcro to attach anything to the panels and you would need to be careful with any other fixing type such as glue dots, to avoid damage to the covering. However, vinyl panels are great for any displays being used outdoors as they are brilliantly waterproof!

Glass/Acrylic Panels

Replace standard panels with a glass or acrylic panel. This allows panels to be used to form windows in meeting rooms/displays and showcase product while still keeping safely locked away. We can also add a frosted effect for privacy yet still allowing light through and add your logo for increased branding.

Graphic Panels

Get your message or branding across quickly with the use of graphic panels on your display boards.  These graphics will be printed onto foamex and mounted within the lightweight frame. Created this way the graphics will not appear ‘seamless’ i.e. you will see the panel frame between graphics, but with some clever design work this needn’t be a problem. Our talented design team can help advise or create eye catching graphics for you. 

Slat Walling

If you want to display product or literature a versatile way to do this with a modular exhibition system is by using slatwall panels. Each slatwall panel contains a number of recessed channels which run the full width and allow accessories to be used such as hooks, shelf brackets and more. These slatwall panels can also be covered in loop nylon, vinyl or painted as required so colour matching is a cinch!

Custom coverings

Having been in the exhibition industry for over 35 years we’ve seen and created our fair share of bespoke coverings. Some of the more unusual coverings we have used for our modular system have included a ‘potato box’ effect covering using mdf, mirror panels and completely covering an entire modular stand in fake grass – all looked great and provided great stand out for our clients.

Our exhibition designers are here to help and love all things modular! If you want a high impact exhibition stand at a low price then consider hiring a modular exhibition stand that’s customised to you! Call us on 01939 260350 for more details.

Exhibitions Stand Contractor UK

Want to know how your custom exhibition stand will look from the get-go? We use 3D CAD software to provide you with a working visual of your display before a panel has even been lifted.

Don’t be afraid to ask what we can create. It all starts with an idea.

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