Guide to buying a modular exhibition stand

Modular exhibition stands are going through something of a resurgence in recent times. That may be due to their much greater flexibility of use or it may simply be they are a very cost effective solution that can look great for promoting your

business. Whatever the reason, maybe it’s time to rethink your next exhibition stand?

Exhibiting can be an expensive affair when you add up the space cost, stand design and build and promotional items not to mention the hours of preparation you and your staff put in to getting ready for the event.

The important point is to make sure you get a return on that investment. Many an exhibitor has fallen by the wayside when their exhibition stand looks cheap, cluttered or just too unfriendly.

Our Modular Exhibition Stands are a great way to showcase your business without going ‘OTT’ which is particularly useful in today’s economic climate.

Spend your exhibition stand budget wisely and ensure you get a good return for your money by employing an experienced exhibition stand contractor who will meet with you, discuss your needs (and your customers!) in full then provide a solution to fit perfectly.

Modular exhibition stands can be hired or purchased, straight away giving you more flexibility than simply buying a custom built stand. Its very nature means it can be easily reconfigured to numerous sizes, shapes and finishes with very little effort. It can be used for the smallest display in a village hall to larger, big impact, exhibition stands.

But don’t think that modular stands mean ugly, boring and duplicated stands! With careful design and attention to detail your modular exhibition stand can dazzle and set the right ambience to promote your business to your customers.

Here at RDW Exhibitions we have many years experience in the Exhibition Industry and we happily guide our customers through the exhibiting minefield making the process simple, easy and dare we say – enjoyable!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our modular exhibition stand systems and how we can personalise for individuality then please call us on 01939 260250 and speak to our friendly Account Managers.

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Want to know how your custom exhibition stand will look from the get-go? We use 3D CAD software to provide you with a working visual of your display before a panel has even been lifted.

Don’t be afraid to ask what we can create. It all starts with an idea.

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